Seastar Cruises

CAIRNS, Reef Cruise to Michaelmas Cay

Phone: 07 4041 6218
E Finger, Cairns Marlin Marina

Seastar departs Cairns at 08:00 and provides fast, comfortable transport to Michaelmas Cay. Arriving first before the crowds ensures that there are many species near or in the viewing area. Birders are taken to the cay before other passengers to give them time to enjoy the island birds. As more people arrive, particularly on other vessels, some species tend to move away from this area. When this happens, the circumnavigation of the island is conducted – weather and tides permitting – where the more timorous species can be viewed. Ensuring all species can be seen.

After 2 hours you return to the Seastar for lunch and then head over to Hastings Reef. At Hastings Reef you can join a guided snorkel tour or take a tour in the glass bottom boat. After another 2 hours, afternoon tea is served before returning to Cairns, arriving at approximately 16:15.

Birds & wildlife regularly seen on cruises

Great FrigatebirdLesser Crested TernTurtles
Lesser FrigatebirdCaspian TernDolphins
Red-footed BoobyRuddy TurnstoneHumpback whale
Brown BoobyCurlew SandpiperCorals
Masked BoobyAnemonefish
Common NoddyParrotfish
Black NoddyWrasse
Sooty TernReef shark
Little TernCoral trout
Crested TernManta ray


(Click on images to view a slideshow of larger versions)

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