Atherton Tablelands Birdwatchers’ Cabin


Your Hosts: Christina & Thomas
Phone: 07 42010993
Address: 114 Webster Road, Wondecla, Southern Tablelands

Forest retreat for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Our Nature Refuge borders onto World Heritage National Park in the Herberton Range, near Mt. Hypipamee, 25 minutes south of Atherton, and is completely forested. Being in the ecotone between high-altitude rainforest and eucalypt forest, you will see an abundance of wildlife: rainforest species mingle with those at home in drier forests. We have so far recorded 118 species of birds (12 of 13 endemics) and 11 species of possums and gliders on our 35 acre property.

At 1000 metres elevation nights are cool even in summer! The tall eucalypt forest is more open than rainforest, which makes birdwatching a lot easier. A rainforest understorey, especially along the creeks, supports many rainforest species. Drier open woodlands are only minutes away to the west.

The modern self-contained cabin (with en-suite and well-equipped kitchen) has its own private veranda. It is the ONLY guest accommodation, set well apart from the main house, thus ensuring your privacy and undisturbed viewing of birds and other wildlife. The cabin was built to be a connection to, rather than a separation from, the forest and has large windows and glass doors. The veranda, orientated towards our small creek, is an ideal spot for watching wildlife. Cassowaries regularly wander past the cabin and Tree-kangaroos can, at times, be observed from the veranda. Victoria’s Riflebirds are common and display right next to the cabin.

  • There are several kilometres of private walking tracks with many labelled plants.
  • Guests are welcome to go spotlighting.
  • We are happy to assist our guests with information about birds and wildlife on our property and the Atherton Tablelands.
  • We are located close to many birding hotspots.
  • Free WiFi, field guides and nature reference books in the cabin.
  • Exclusive use of property (no other guests)
  • Private walking trails including Botanical walk (labelled plants)
  • Nature Refuge, very quiet, adjoining national park
  • Close to Hastie’s Swamp and Mt. Hypipamee National Park
  • Huge diversity of species (ecotone rainforest/eucalypt forest)
  • Victoria’s Riflebirds display next to the cabin
  • Spotlighting on the property
  • Mothlight for the keen entomologist
  • Very well appointed and very clean cabin
  • Knowledgeable and helpful hosts (biologists)

Birds & wildlife regularly seen on the property

Southern CassowaryLewin’s HoneyeaterSugar Glider
Orange-footed ScrubfowlBridled Honeyeater, endemicStriped Possum
Grey GoshawkEastern SpinebillLemuroid Ringtail Possum
Brown Cuckoo-doveGrey-headed Robin, endemicCoppery Brushtail Possum
Australian King ParrotGolden WhistlerCommon Brushtail Possum
White-throated TreecreeperBower’s Shrike-thrush, endemicNorthern Brown Bandicoot
Atherton Scrubwren, endemicPied Monarch, endemicSwamp Wallaby
Yellow-throated ScrubwrenYellow-breasted BoatbillRed-legged Pademelon
Mountain Thornbill, endemicVictoria’s Riflebird, endemicLumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo
Macleay’s Honeyeater, endemicSatin BowerbirdLeaf-tailed Gecko


(Click on images to view a slideshow of larger versions)

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