Alan’s Wildlife Tours

YUNGABURRA, Birding & Wildlife Tours

Your Guide: Alan Gillanders
Phone: 07 4095 3784  Mobile: 0408 953 786

A boutique guiding service offered in the luxury of a Prado 4WD for couples, families and small groups by one of the country’s top natural history guides to see the birds and more.

See the birds. Build lasting memories through engaging encounters with wildlife. Discover connections, processes and niches through your own observations supported by Alan’s breadth of knowledge and depth of experience. Deepen your knowledge of and love for the Wet Tropics with Alan’s amusing illustrative anecdotes.

In eight hours of birding you can expect to see eighty species of birds. Fewer may be seen if time is spent chasing the rare or difficult ones. Most of the endemics are not difficult to find. See the bird list for what occurs on the Tablelands. Talk to Alan about any special targets you might have to plan the timing of your visit. For example cranes are best seen June to November, Eastern Grass Owls after the maize harvest which can change but usually between May and September and Golden Bowerbirds are reliable at their bowers between June and December. For frogs come when it is wet: December to April. By doing the full day Naturalist Tour plus Extended Nocturnal Tour you can expect four to five species of kangaroo, platypus, four possum species, butterflies and fifty different birds in a variety of habitat.

Why Alan might be the guide for you:

  • local with 40 + years of birding in the area
  • 20+ years a guide
  • knows his local patch
  • is out in the forest often even when not working
  • wide ranging natural history knowledge
  • is interested in people,  their knowledge and stories
  • personable 
  • understands the needs of photographers 
  • is able to adapt the pace of the tour to suit you
  • is humble despite writing the above

Birds & wildlife regularly seen on tours

Victoria’s RiflebirdPied MonarchLumholtz’s Tree-Kangaroo
Golden Bowerbird (June – Dec)Black-faced Monarch (Aug – March)Platypus
Spotted CatbirdSpectacled MonarchMusky Rat-kangaroo
Great BowerbirdMountain ThornbillGreen Ringtail Possum
Lesser Sooty OwlCassowaryYellow-bellied Glider
Tooth-billed Bowerbird (Sept – Dec)Bower’s Shrike-thrushFeather-tailed Glider
ChowchillaMacleay’s HoneyeaterMareeba Rock Wallaby
Grey-headed RobinBridled HoneyeaterWhite-tailed Rat
Rainbow Lorikeet“Herberton” Honeyeater (Fuscous Honeyeater)Boyd’s Forest Dragon
Scaly-breasted LorikeetEastern Grass Owl (July – Nov)Northern Saw-shelled Turtle


(Click on images to view a slideshow of larger versions)

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