Daintree Boatman Wildlife Cruises

DAINTREE VILLAGE, Birdwatching River Cruise

Your Guide: Murray Hunt
Phone: 0417 651 929
Email: boatman@daintreerivertours.com.au
Website: www.daintreerivertours.com.au

Daintree Boatman Wildife Cruises provides 2 hour birdwatching cruises led by a knowledgeable and experienced birder, for close views of highly sought-after birds and wildlife. Iconic birds include Azure Kingfisher, Little Kingfisher, Great-billed Heron, Papuan Frogmouth, Black Bittern, Shining Flycatcher and Spotted Whistling-duck. An average of 40 wildlife species are seen or heard per cruise with sightings reported to the eBird website.

Cruises are limited to just 10 passengers and cruises are personalised; tailored specifically to match guest’s viewing desires. Cruises are conducted in a small comfortable open vessel which enables great views and photography of wildlife. Two hour cruises are conducted at dawn and dusk when birdlife is at its most active and the river is at its most picturesque. Cruises are perfect for birdwatchers and bird photographers alike with the skipper taking great care to position the boat appropriately, taking into consideration light direction and animal behaviour, to ensure all passengers attain good views.

For those wishing to maximise their photographic opportunities, private cruises are available, allowing the cruise to focus entirely on your photographic hopes.

A cruise at dawn (7am in cooler months, 6.30am in warmer months) is usually when the birds and wildlife are at their most active and visible. A late afternoon cruise (4pm in cooler months, 4.30pm in warmer months) is also great with birds busily foraging before dusk. Sunset viewed from the water is often spectacular with large groups of Cattle Egrets accumulating to roost for the night. A discount for a second cruise is offered when booking directly. Dual cruises doubles the chance of seeing the special birds of the river, as well as seeing the river under differing light and tidal conditions.

Cruises depart the boat ramp in Daintree Village. Bookings essential.

  • Birdwatching cruise focussing on finding highly sought-after birds
  • Maximum of 10 passengers ensuring personalised attention
  • Cruises tailored to the birdwatching and photographic hopes of passengers
  • Small vessel with comfortable seats perfect for exploring the river
  • Hybrid vessel with regular outboard and commercial quality electric motor
  • Electric motor used to reduce disturbance leading to better observations
  • Bird observations regularly reported to eBird website
  • Vessel open but equipped with bimini roof for inclement conditions
  • Saltwater Crocodiles and Green Tree Snakes seen on most cruises

Birds & wildlife regularly seen on cruises

Great-billed HeronWhite-bellied Sea-eagleSaltwater Crocodile
Papuan FrogmouthOspreyGreen Tree Snake
Black BitternBrahminy KiteEastern Water Dragon
Little KingfisherRadjah ShelduckAmethystine Python
Azure KingfisherMacleay’s HoneyeaterSpectacled Fruit-bat
Sacred KingfisherPied MonarchUlysses Butterfly
Spotted Whistling-duckWhite-eared MonarchCairns Birdwing Butterfly
Shining FlycatcherPale-vented Bush-henFour O'Clock Moth
Wompoo Fruit-doveWhite-browed CrakeGolden Orb Spider
Black-necked StorkLarge-billed GerygoneGreen Tree Ants


(Click on images to view a slideshow of larger versions)

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