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MALANDA (Atherton Tablelands), Birding & Wildlife Tours

Your Guides: Award winning bird and wildlife author Phil Gregory and award winning photographer Jun Matsui plus a team of local experts
Phone: 07 4096 8063    Mobile: 0413661213

Do you want to make the most of your time in Far North Queensland? Let our experienced bird and wildlife guides show you the natural wonders that it has to offer.

For anyone interested in natural history, this is a “must visit” destination. There is an incredible diversity of wildlife with some great mammals – the iconic Platypus and the ungainly Tree Kangaroo are always firm favourites –  plus a good variety of reptiles, frogs, insects and orchids and the biggest avifauna of anywhere in Australia including 15 endemic species. All these can be found amongst beautiful scenery with a wide variety of habitats from waterfalls to rainforests, wetlands to dry eucalypt woodlands and of course the coast. There is something to interest everyone.

Whether you have just generally interest in wildlife and visiting beautiful places or have a specific wants list, our expert bird and natural history guides are here to help you. We have a number of ready-made itineraries, for half or full day trips plus longer accommodated tours and are happy to customise our tours to suit your areas of interest and expertise. We welcome families and love to help introduce children to the natural world. We are also happy to run tours specifically for photographers and realise their needs can be very different to those of other wildlife enthusiasts.

We believe in ethical bird and wildlife watching as we want future generations to still be able enjoy the things we show you now. A contribution from your tour cost will be donated to a locally based conservation group.

  • Private tours for individuals, small groups and families available
  • Bird, wildlife and photography tours
  • Customised itineraries on request
  • Binoculars can be provided if requested in advance
  • Guides carry spotting scopes and have reference books in vehicle
  • Complimentary water in vehicle
  • Pickups from Cairns or the Tablelands
  • Covid safe policy

Birds & wildlife regularly seen on tours

Victoria’s RiflebirdGrey-headed RobinLumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo
Golden BowerbirdBower’s Shrike-ThrushMareeba Rock Wallaby
Tooth-billed BowerbirdPied MonarchEastern Grey Kangaroo
Spotted CatbirdMountain ThornbillAgile Wallaby
FernwrenLovely Fairy-wrenMusky Rat-kangaroo
Atherton ScrubwrenYellow-breasted BoatbillCarpet Python
Macleay’s HoneyeaterCrimson FinchAmethystine Python
Cryptic HoneyeaterDouble-eyed Fig ParrotGreen Ringtail Possum
Bridled HoneyeaterKing ParrotCoppery Brushtail Possum


(Click on images to view a slideshow of larger versions)

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