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Your Guide: David Mead
Mobile: 0411 348 120

Our professionally run guiding business has been operating since 2013 with your local North Queensland guide David Mead only too happy to help with your target species wish list or your personal photography goals. His expertise and wealth of knowledge has been garnered from a lifetime of birding, traveling and working in various remote locations across Queensland, particularly the outstanding Cape York and Gulf of Carpentaria regions.

We operate with a passenger number of 1 to 4 persons maximum policy on each tour, whether it be a half day out and about Cairns or a 10 day adventure up through Cape York. This small personal group emphasis, coupled with our luxury Landcruiser 4WD makes for a very relaxing and memorable way to experience Far North Queensland’s incredible birdlife.

We like to be as flexible as possible with our travelling visitors to the region and run a variety of scheduled tour options as well as offer the option to work with our suggestions and endeavour to structure private charters that may better suit their particular personal birding ambitions. Our business base is right in the middle of Cairns, therefore easy access for doorstep pick up at a huge range of accommodation locales or transfers from the Cairns Domestic/International Airport.

If you want to experience a variety of birdlife from Kalkadoon Grasswren in the North West to the Palm Cockatoo in the top of Cape York, get in touch with David Mead from Great Northern Birdwatching Tours – you will enjoy!

  • Small groups only
  • Photographers welcome
  • Local passionate birder holding Wet Tropics and Savannah Guides accreditations
  • Fully licensed, Insured, Qld Transport Accredited & Driver Authorisation
  • Very comfortable and well appointed, luxury 4WD
  • All safety points met, including satellite communications and First Aid requirements
  • Birdlife Australia’ member, ‘Qld Waders’ participant & committee member of ‘Finches Qld’
  • Flexible tour operation with travelling birders goals held paramount
  • Spare binoculars, bird lists and spotting scope carried with vehicle

Birds & wildlife regularly seen on tours

Golden BowerbirdYellow-billed KingfisherSpotted Cuscus
Southern CassowaryRed-cheeked ParrotGreen Python
FernwrenMarbled FrogmouthCanopy Goanna
Rufous OwlTawny-breasted HoneyeaterAntilopine Wallaroo
Palm CockatooMagnificent RiflebirdPurple-necked Wallaby
Eclectus ParrotRed GoshawkRed-legged Pademelon
Kalkadoon GrasswrenSpotted Whistling-duckRed-bellied Black Snake
Purple-crowned Fairy-wrenLesser Sooty OwlLumholtz Tree-kangaroo
Black-throat FinchPainted FinchEstuarine Crocodile
Frill-necked MonarchRed-browed PardaloteCoastal Taipan


(Click on images to view a slideshow of larger versions)

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