To help you find your way around to see the best birds, we have suggested some bird trails which will take you to some of the diverse habitats found in the region of Tropical North Queensland.
Check them out on the map below.

Stone Curlew Trail – Cairns & Northern Beaches.
Experience shorebirds, lowland species such as Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves and Pied Imperial Pigeons (Aug-April) and both Bush and Beach Stone-Curlew.

Kingfisher Trail – Mossman & Daintree
Eight of Australia’s nine species of kingfisher maybe found in this area including the Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher. This species can be found in northern Australia during the summer months (November-April) where they nest in arboreal termite mounds before returning to New Guinea for the winter.

Honeyeater Trail – Julatten & Mt Lewis
20 species of honeyeater have been recorded in this area. Wet Tropic endemics, Macleay’s and Bridled Honeyeater, along with the other 10 Wet Tropic endemic species can be found on Mt. Lewis.

Bustard Trail – Mt Carbine to Mareeba
The Australian Bustard can be found along this dry country trail, especially at Maryfarms. Open woodland and several wetlands ensure an excellent variety of bush and waterbirds throughout.

Catbird Trail – Kuranda to Mareeba
Mid-altitude rainforest and drier woodland give a huge variety of species including the Spotted Catbird.

Riflebird Trail – Atherton Tablelands
A number of days can be spent exploring the wide variety of sites on this trail. Victoria’s Riflebird may be found in any of the many rainforest areas.

Cassowary Trail – Cairns south to Mission Beach
Mission Beach has long been the stronghold for Southern Cassowary which may be encountered on walking tracks in the rainforest along with many other lowland species.

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